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Frequently asked questions about Draumr’s Moss and Plant Pictures and Walls.


Yes, styleGREEN, the manufacturer, uses only real plants, which are naturally preserved in a special process using glycerol and food dye. This permanently preserves the plants and means they require no maintenance.

HOW ARE THE PLANTS CONSERVED? The special preservation methods are based on water, food colors and glycerol and is therefore completely harmless to health. In an exchange process the water in the plant is replaced by glycerol and chlorophyll by food coloring.

DO THE PLANTS NEED CARE? No, care is not necessary. On the contrary, the conserved plants should not be sprayed under any circumstances. In addition, the plants do not need light, and anti-static properties prevent dust. In short: 100% natural, 0% care.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE PLANTS ARE EXPOSED TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR HEAT? In direct sunlight, moss can fade after 2 to 3 years. It is therefore advisable to avoid this whenever possible. In addition, you should not hang the products near or above heat sources, such as fireplaces, because the glycerin is not resistant to this.

WHERE CAN THE PRODUCTS BE USED? As long as the air humidity does not exceed 70%, the plants can be used for images and walls in all interior spaces – for example in the living room, bedroom or dining room, in offices and meeting rooms, in public buildings or at trade fairs. The stabilized plants are not suitable for use in outdoor areas.

DO THE PLANTS CHANGE THE ACOUSTICS IN A SPACE? Yes, the stabilized plants function as soft natural materials such as acoustic panels and reduce both noise and reflected noise in closed rooms.

DO THE PLANTS HAVE SMELL? Because they are living plants and mosses, they also have a typical, natural scent, which, however, disappears with time.

ARE THE DELIVERED PLANT AND MOSS PICTURES EXACTLY AS SEEN ON THE SITE? No, not entirely. First, our moss and plant pictures are made by hand. Secondly, the plants are natural products that have variations in color and shape. Therefore every delivered moss and plant picture or wall we deliver is unique.