About us

We make visible the life of things: useful, beautiful and, sometimes, humourous objects to enjoy every day.

We aim to provide our customers a personal touch and inspiration offered by the exceptional craftsmen with whom we work for use at home or at work.



We are a flexible, multidisciplined and multilingual team with a range of skills and experience including sales, marketing, social media, photography and logistics, used to compliment and communicate the skills of the makers with whom we work.
This cooperation is· illustrated through the pictures, storytelling, projects and collections you see. We are consistently striving to present the human face of each maker and their work and their business. Celebrating the emotional connection they have to their craft to unsure it is enjoyed, valued and appreciated by those who buy and commission works from us.

Why the name?

The name means “Dream” in old Norse. It was chosen at the start, when the company had a strong Scandinavian flavour with two of the three founders being Scandinavian. The name encapsulated their aspirations of making living and working lives across Europe better.  Although the Norwegian and Swede have left and, for the moment, we’re only focusing on the Dutch market - the dream remains and “Draumr” still seems to match what we’re doing.