About us

Draumr works with and supports a selected group of highly skilled, Netherlands based, designer/makers whose practices are grounded in craft making traditions, but defined by contemporary circumstances.
Draumr’s role is to understand, stimulate, communicate and match the makers’ works with the needs of their clients.



Behind this there is an ultimate ambition, essentially, to generate a wider appreciation and engagement with quality craft pieces, emphasising their narrative narrative and material intelligence. This concept is perhaps best described by Glenn Adamson in his book Fewer, Better, Things (Bloomsbury New York, 2018): '…What if we were to approach every object according to its potential narrative and meaning - the way that we give a toy to a child or a ring to a spouse? …If we were to bring objects into our lives one by one, each time with genuine care, it would be better for us, better for society, better for the planet.'

Why the name?

The name means “Dream” in old Norse. It was chosen at the start, when the company had a strong Scandinavian flavour with two of the three founders being Scandinavian. The name encapsulated their aspirations of making living and working lives across Europe better.  Although the Norwegian and Swede have left and, for the moment, we’re only focusing on the Dutch market - the dream remains and “Draumr” still seems to match what we’re doing.