Niklas’s cork hexagon with pole and forest moss greening.

pack of 9


Create your own individual wall design by combining the cork based hexagons of your choice. Available without and with greening and with different moss and plant species. The hexagonal shapes van be applied over an entire surface or individually. In one word: amazing!

Designed with love by Niklas.

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The hexagons consist of 100% natural cork. The greening consists of 100% real, naturally conserved mosses.


These elements are supplied without frame.


The untreated cork hexagons are manufactured by our partner Muratto in Portugal

Technical details

Weight per hexagon: approx. 0.2 kg

Dimensions per hexagon (WxH): 19 x 22 cm (11cm side length)

Suspension: The cork hexagons are fastened with mounting adhesive, which you can order additionally.

Please avoid permanent, intensive sun or light exposure (e.g. halogen spotlights with little distance).

If the instructions are not followed, the products may lose colour prematurely.

*Delivery time approx. 7 working days.


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