Heidi’s jungle panel

140 x 40 cms

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Evergreen plants and mosses with a wild, dense growth – just like in the rain forest; ideal for your living room, on an area of 140 x 40 cm. Due to the natural harmony of the different plant species, your room will be offered both a visual and haptic enrichment.


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Out of experience we can recommend the jungle scenery for bigger rooms – especially when there is plenty of free surface area available

In combination with other pieces of our product range, this object will be part of a fascinating composition rich in variety, offering a unique touch in any room. In our picture gallery on the left you will see this jungle picture combined with our three pack set sized 22 x 22 cm and our model sized 27 x 57 cm.


The plant picture is surrounded by a white wood fibre frame (MDF). All of our plants and mosses are genuine and 100% naturally preserved. That is why they are intended for interior use only.


You may choose between different frame types for this plant picture. Our offer includes high quality, FSC certified, white wood fibre frames (MDF) as well as a solid black wooden frame. All frames are made in Germany.


In one of our two small manufactories just outside Munich and in Porto, Portugal, we lovingly produce and pack and each styleGREEN product by hand.


– Weight: ca. 7,0 kg

– Dimensions (WxHxD): 140 x 40 x 4 cm

– Greenery type: jungle

– Suspension: use the grommets on the back of the picture. Rectangular pictures can be placed vertically or horizontally. Screws and dowels can be ordered additionally.

All processed mosses are 100% real and durably preserved in a special process. Though these plants don’t require light or water, they retain their vividly green appearance and a fresh, soft feel.

Instructions for all styleGREEN products

– Please avoid permanent, intense exposure to sunlight or other light sources (e.g. halogen floodlight at low distance).

– Please avoid excessive humidity (>70%) and dry air. Do not place the products near to fireplaces, radiators or other sources of heat.

– Due to the preservation process the plants adopt antistatic properties and resist the accumulation of dirt. If required you may carefully use a feather duster.

– Due to the natural preservation process the plants and mosses are water shy and therefore intended for interior use only.

– The initial forest smell persists during the forest 4-6 weeks and does not present any health risk. The plants themselves however will maintain their typical smell over time. 

– Even though the plants appear real and natural: please do not spray or water them!

By not following these instructions the products may be affected by an early colour loss.

*Standard white (MDF) frame: Delivery time about 10/12 work days.

*  Black (aluminium) frame: Delivery time about 10/12 work days.


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