Pauli’s Reindeer moss flexGREEN

75x55cm (2 panels)


Reindeer moss, or Cladina Cladonia, is the reindeers’ main food in Lapland. Available in the colours “May green” and “Leaf green”, or a combination of the two, you can make your home in one go animal and people friendly with a reindeer moss painting.


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The flexibility of the element makes it ideal for use on curved surfaces. In addition, the elements can be cut to size as desired, which further increases the unique application possibilities of the design.

Please note that for a seamless installation with several mats an area loss of about 5-10% is to be expected.


The reindeer moss flex panels are supplied without a frame for seamless installation. 

The reindeer moss used is 100% genuine and natural. For this reason it is intended for indoor use only. As it is a natural product, the same colour can have different shades. Reindeer moss is attached to the cork mats with natural rubber adhesive.


These elements are supplied without frame.


Each styleGREEN product is lovingly handmade and packaged in one of our two manufactories in Munich and Porto.

Technical details

Weight: approx. 4.5 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD): 75 x 55 x 8 cm outside dimensions, 73 x 53 cm inside dimensions

Greening type: 100% natural reindeer moss

Suspension: the reindeer moss flex panels are fastened to the wall with mounting adhesive. You can also purchase the mounting adhesive.

The plants and mosses used are 100% natural and are permanently preserved in a special process. Now you need neither light nor water. Nevertheless, the plants look lively green and feel supple and fresh.

Notes for all styleGREEN products

Please avoid permanent, intensive sunlight or light radiation (e.g. halogen spotlights with little distance).

Please avoid extreme humidity (>90%) and very dry air. Do not hang the products near fireplaces, heaters or other heat sources.

Even if the plants appear absolutely natural: please do not water or spray!

ATTENTION: The moss can give off its colour when touched. Use gloves for assembly or wash your hands immediately to avoid soiling other objects.

If the instructions are not followed, the products may lose colour prematurely.

* Delivery time approx. 7 working days