Pauli’s reindeer moss panel

100 x 60cms


Reindeer moss, or Cladina Cladonia, is the reindeers’ main food in Lapland. Available in the colours “May green” and “Leaf green”, or a combination of the two, you can make your home in one go animal and people friendly with a reindeer moss painting.


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Create a unique atmosphere by placing this reindeer moss picture next to other pieces of our product range


The reindeer moss picture is surrounded by a white wood fibre frame (MDF). You can also look up other frame types in the section below.

All of our reindeer mosses are genuine and 100% naturally preserved. That is why they are intended for interior use only. This product is available in the colour “may green”. As it is a natural product even the same colour can have different shades


You may choose between difforent frame types for this reindeer moss picture. Our offer includes high quality, FSC certified, white wood fibre frames (MDF) as well as aluminium frames in the colours black or silver (anodized). The frames are 12mm wide and 40mm deep.. All frames are made in Germany.


In one of our two small manufactories just outside Munich and in Porto, Portugal, we lovingly produce and pack and each styleGREEN product by hand.

All processed mosses are 100% real and durably preserved in a special process. Though these plants don´t require light or water, they retain their vividly green appearance and a fresh, soft feel.



  • Please avoid permanent, intense exposure to sunlight or other light sources (e.g. halogen floodlight at short distance).
  • Please avoid excessive humidity (>90%) and dry air. Do not place the products near to fireplaces, radiators or other sources of heat.
  • Even though the plants appear real and natural: please do not spray or water them!


ATTENTION: The moss may release dye on contact. Use gloves when assembling or wash your hands right after finishing assembly, in order to prevent other objects from getting dirty.By not following these instructions the products may be affected by an early colour loss.

*Delivery time approx. 7 working days .