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Agnė Kučerenkaitė

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Agnė Kučerenkaitė makes and sells her ceramic tiles under the brand name “Ignorance is Bliss' the tiles are glazed using pigments solely derived from industrial metal waste and by-products. 

Usually, these metals would be mined and undergo excessive processing. The amount of waste in the glaze is up to 40%, as ceramic glazes are a combination of base transparent glaze and pigments. Drinking water supply and soil remediation industries, which produce thousands of tonnes of residue per year and are the main suppliers of metal waste for 'Ignorance is Bliss' ceramic tiles. 

The collection is the result of years of extensive research and experimentation. During the production process, each tile is touched by human hands around 9 times, leading to slight irregularities and subtle variations in shades. The collection has a distinctive look and feel and is intentionally formulated without poisonous lead and barium, which typically are common choices for bright colours.

 Designed with a responsibility to human and environmental health, 'Ignorance is Bliss’ ceramic tiles are on the way to becoming fully circular. 

Materials & Process

Clay body, base glaze, reclaimed pigments

Dimensions & weight

Width: cm

Height: cm

Depth: cm

Shipping & Returns

Care Instructions

Use a lint-free microfiber cloth or sponge to avoid any fibers attaching to the
surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals, best is neutral PH cleaner, such as dishwashing soap. Do not use ammonia as it can discolour the grout. Do not use cleaners that contain any bleach and/or especially acid. Do not use any oil-based detergents, wax cleaners, or sealants.

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Chris Ruhe

Chris was  born in 1976 in Rotterdam and studied at the HMC in Amsterdam.  After school, he  started his own atelier and where he still works on his own projects and ideas. This Gelderland based furniture maker who, through material inventiveness and curiosity,  includes something unique and fun in his work with a focus on the basic materials. His works are perfectly made but a bit illogical at first sight. Creating tension in the object keeps it fascinating.

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